The Arthur Nolletti Jr. Film Series: Woman at War

Woman at War (2018) is an Icelandic gem. No one suspects that Halla, a mild-mannered choir-leader, is the eco-terrorist battling corporate greed and government lies. Fueled by her fierce convictions, Halla displays extraordinary ingenuity as a solo crusader for the environment. This is cinematic artistry at its best!

Wallace Nutting: Father of the Colonial Revival Movement

Framingham’s Wallace Nutting was an American renaissance man.  He was a minister, photographer, furniture maker, preservationist, and the father of the Colonial Revival movement.  From his factory in Framingham, Nutting produced prints and furniture meant to evoke “old New England,” which became must-have decorative items for the growing American middle class.  His style influenced design,…
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$5 – $10

Self-Production as a Form of Development

Self-Production is a creative, community-based urban planning tool. It involves no prior planning, but an effective and spontaneous communication and self-organization system that responds to needs. In Latin America, it has become the most efficient form of housing construction. Cardona will speak about Self-Produced Neighborhoods and analytical research of self-production.

AstroNights LIVE: No Planet B: Exoplanets and Earth Appreciation

As we approach Earth day, our planet - and its unique ability to support life of all kinds - is at the forefront of our minds. For centuries, humans have looked up at the sky and wondered: is there anywhere out there like Earth? While we haven’t found evidence to suggest the presence of life…
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Great Framingham Cleanup

On Saturday, April 17th, 2021 members of the Framingham Earth Day Festival & Keep Framingham Beautiful invite everyone to the “Great Framingham Cleanup”. This distributed event will replace this year's Framingham Earth Day Festival as something that we can all safely do as a community during continued times of social distancing. Please read the details…
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Jeff Sparr: PeaceLove

Jeff Sparr is an advocate, a teacher, and a self-taught artist. Believing in the healing power of creating, Jeff founded PeaceLove to spread peace of mind through expressive arts workshops. Jeff travels the world sharing his story of hope and his vision for a world where every person has the tools to care for their…
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Pulitzer Prize Winner Quiara Hudes: My Broken Language

Pulitzer Prize winner Quiara Hudes will read from her new book, My Broken Language, a coming of age memoir about language and sacred practice in North Philadelphia — aka el barrio — in the 1990s. This event is co-sponsored by Arts & Ideas at Framingham State University, and the Framingham State Council on Diversity and…
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Open Mic Night

After a one-year hiatus, we're bringing back the Open Mic! This time it's virtual. This event is open to anyone who wants to participate or watch. Submit your videos by the the last Thursday of the month and you will be featured in the monthly open mic. The LIVE show will be available to watch…
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Framingham History Center 2020 Virtual House Tour Rebroadcast

If you missed your chance to view our first ever virtual House Tour last November, or if you are looking for a great Mother’s Day gift, we are rebroadcasting the tour over Mother’s Day weekend.  We had an overwhelmingly positive response to this production last year and wanted to be sure that those who heard…
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AstroNights LIVE: Galaxies Galore

In May, the constellation Virgo dominates the sky - it’s the second largest constellation in terms of area. Constellations are not just funny connect-the-dot shapes, we use them to designate regions in the night sky, the way state and city borders signify regions on a map. The Virgo region of the sky is jam-packed with…
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