Scarecrows on the Centre Common

Scarecrows on the Centre Common

Celebrate fall on the Centre Common with the FCCCD!
Build a scarecrow at home and bring it down to the Centre Common to display October 9 to November 1
Families, individuals, businesses, and organizations from all over Framingham are welcome to make a scarecrow!

Very Important! Sign up for your set up and removal times using this Google Form

Please be sure to follow our rules to make this a safe, fun event for everyone!

1. The City of Framingham reserves the right to remove any scarecrows deemed inappropriate

2. You are responsible for securely installing, and later removing completely, your scarecrow

3. NO STAKES or other items driven into the ground are to be used to install the scarecrows. Chairs or buckets should be used instead. All scarecrows must be securely placed on the Centre Common so they do not blow into the roadway and become a safety issue.

4. Do not install scarecrows on trees or structures on the Centre Common. Scarecrows should only be installed at flagged locations on the long sides of the Centre Common.

5. No hay, straw, or other flammable materials allowed

6. No electricity

7. No pumpkins, gourds, food, or other perishable items

8. Please put your name on your scarecrow, or send a photo of your scarecrow to, so we know which one is yours.

9. Park on Oak Street or in front of the Village Hall, NO PARKING OR STOPPING on Edgell Road or Vernon Street